Features in FrameMaker 2019 I have some trouble with.


PDF Creation Error

This shows recurring errors I have using FrameMaker 2019 for a client - AlfaLaval.

The videos shows me creating a pdf out of a book file. The pdf creation works first time. But if I try to repeat it, it fails. Twice. Using different approaches and with different fails. I can not create two pdf files in one FrameMaker session. I have to restart FrameMaker between each pdf generation session.

AlfaLaval has just migrated from FrameMaker to Arbortext, but has a huge amount of documents still in Frame. We have spent quite a lot of time trying to figure out what goes wrong in this process, but so far without luck. The documents seem okay.


Reference graphic frame

This video shows one of the user interface errors in FrameMaker 2019.

Draw a graphic frame on a body page, and you will have acces to a menu allowing you to "Rename Reference Frame".

Only that menu does not work, because you can only rename the reference frame on the Reference Pages. The menu being active in the wrong context makes it into an error, because the user is dumbfounded. "Why does nothing happen when I click the menu?"

This may seem a small issue, but as a trainer, I find it really hard to argue that nobody at Adobe has seen this issue and fixed it in a package costing about 8000 DKK.


Fit to Frame

Fit to Frame is a new feature which was introduced with FrameMaker 2019. While its a really good idea, it does seem only half finished.

As I show in this video merely using the feature once, will make the document loose control of the imported graphics resolution.

While you can use Fit to Frame, you can not afterwards use "Fit to Frame Propotionally" or vice versa and in all instances resolution info is lost. So... the feature works. This is a feature which was one of the main selling points for FrameMaker 2019, though.




These are feature suggestions I have submitted a long time ago, but still think would be nice to have. You may already have seen them, but if not - here they are.

1: I think it would be nice to be able to directly embed tracking codes in the published HTML5. There are other analytics tools besides Google and being able to figure out what content is being crawled in the analytics would be nice.

I am aware that this is possible merely by inserting the code using a text editor, but this would be easier for most users.



2: It is possible to assign master pages to specific paragraph tags using a table on the reference pages. While this works, I have never encountered a user who knew about that feature.

I think it would be much more intuitive to put that feature as a tab on the Paragraph Designer like this:



3: While it is possible to have anchors for graphic frames to "run into paragraph", this is not possible for tables. It is very common to have a table starting on top of a page, and that is merely possible if there is an anchor paragraph above it. Which requires the use to create a small paragraph style in 2pt or some other workaround.

It would be really nice if it was possible to have tables "run into paragraph"




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