Free Adobe FrameMaker 2019 template i A5 size for Technical Documents

Here is an utterly and absolutely free Adobe FrameMaker 2019 template i A5 size for Technical Documents. The template is usable for technical documents, but lends itself easily to all other sorts of documents too.

Tahona - A Tequila driven, FrameMaker 2019 Template

"Tahona - A Tequila driven, FrameMaker 2019 Template" is a 20th anniversary tribute to the original FrameMaker templates. It is built upon one of those, but with a modern twist.

This template is:

  • in A4, which is a common european page size
  • Colourful. It is based on a blue colour theme. Blue like the Blue Agave, which is used for making tequila :-)
  • Bult using only Win10 default fonts. The fonts used are Corbel, Palatino Linotype and Courier New - all fonts which are shipped with Win10
  • We have made a HTML5 settings file which makes it easy to publish to HTML5. The settings file make a nice conversion for better screen reading.

The templates HTML5 version may be seen here!

"Baked Agave" - Free A5 FrameMaker template for software documentation with built-in Object Styles

"Baked Agave" is an A5 size, free FrameMaker template with focus on small to medium size software documenation projects

I have built in a number of Object Styles as shortcuts to a number of operations

The project files reside in MIF to facilitate opening in older versions of FrameMaker.

I have made a small video instruction to the template on my Youtube channel here:


Horno - Free Adobe FrameMaker Paperback template

"Horno" is a free Adobe FrameMaker Paperback template.

It is pretty simple stuff. It adheres to common paperback dimensions.

It comes with a settings file for creating pdf's and another settings file for creating epubs.

I have made a master page mapping on the reference pages which will allow the user to map master pages to paragraph tags.

I have made made a small video instruction to the template on my Youtube channel here:

Bagazzo History Book - free FrameMaker template

The "Bagazzo History Book Template" is a free FrameMaker 2019 template. It comes with psd/png and FrameMaker FM and FrameMaker MIF files.

The layout size is 176 X 250 mm, which is the B5 size. B5 is a pretty common book size for reference works, artbooks etc.
The design is pretty simple and meant for books like a cultural history, an art history or a biography. 

I have tried to keep the number of styles low and have made Object Styles for the anchored frames. I have also made and styled a Table of Contents and and Index.

The template is based on the font "Lucida Bright" and "Yu Gothic Light"