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Science Paper Template - US Letter

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Version 2022 (17)

FrameMaker has been delivered with a selection of standard templates since the late nineties. These templates have never really been updated and their age is starting to show.
Which is why we took one of them, the "Science Paper" template and gave it a makeover.

The Science Paper Template is meant for writing scientific or research articles. This kind of content requires a lot of heading levels, different types of numbering, footnotes, frugal and clean tables and most of all - support for display of references, lists of figures, list of tables and a proper index. The original Science Paper has very little of this, but we have fixed all of that!

This, new, version of the Science Paper template comes with some major updates:

  • We are going with A4 size now
  • We have 7 level of headings
  • Bullet styles for all 7 levels
  • Cross Reference  styles for adding references to authors
  • Footnote style
  • Table Footnote style
  • Styles for figures
  • List of figures
  • Styles for tables
  • List of tables
  • Index page
  • Table of Contents
  • Front Page
  • Reference page styles which include styles for "author", "work" and "publisher"
  • Two table styles
  • STS file for publishing to PDF
  • Modern typography in "Candara"
  • The sample holds a general structure of a standard science paper making it easy to start working.

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