Arbejd hurtigt og effektivt med professionelle og kreative templates til Adobe FrameMaker!

Hijuelos - Standard Page Template Pack


"Hijuelos" is a template pack containing 5 color versions of an alternative start page design for Adobe FrameMaker.

When you create a new blank document in FrameMaker, you will get a neutral document with very little formatting options. This is the standard start page in FrameMaker.  While a simple document with few formatting options can be an advantage in some scenarios, it is cumbersome if you merely want to "get going" in a hurry. Not all documents merit an extensive design process before you start writing. 

Hijuelos - an alternative and better standard start page for Adobe FrameMaker

This is where the "Hijuelos" 5 color template pack comes in. It is an alternative version of a standard, portrait, blank document - but this time with more extensive formatting options making it possible for the user to make a creative looking document quickly.

Compatibility with Word

Microsoft Word, which is commonly used among tech writers, comes with 10 predefined paragraph formats and a very easy interface for quickly creating well looking documents. There are excellent options for importing Word documents into FrameMaker and if you use the Hijuelos template, it is also possible to map all the 10 predefined heading styles and other styles to equivalent styles in the Hijuelos template.

This makes round tripping between Word and FrameMaker possible.