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Baked Agave - A5 Template

Baked Agave FrameMaker Template A5
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5 5 1 Product


A5 - Portrait
1 column w. sidehead
Version 2020 (16)
Illustrator files (AI), PNG files, SVG files
Settings for PDF
Frutiger 57Cn, Frutiger 45 Light, Frutiger 87ExtraBlackCn, Frutiger 47 LightCn, Minion Pro, Myriad Pro, Times New Roman

"Baked Agave" is an A5 size, FrameMaker template a with focus on small to medium size software documenation projects

I have built in a number of Object Styles as shortcuts to a number of operations The project files reside in MIF to facilitate opening in older versions of FrameMaker.

I have made a small video instruction to the template on my Youtube channel here:

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