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Anejo - A4 Template


This FrameMaker 2020 template is called "Anejo".

“Anejo” means “Old” or “Aged”. It is a term coming from the tequila industry, where one of the 5 official tequila ageing categories is “Anejo”. An anejo tequila has been aged from 1-3 years.

We have chosen the brown color scheme used in this template from the colors of an aged tequila.
It it an A4 sized template based on a two column setup and it comes with a STS-settingsfile for publishing to PDF and HTML5. From a design point of view, I have put emphasis on making the heading levels easy to see, and the typography easy to read.

I have used Corbel for the typography. Microsoft has a - very neat - page detailing what fonts that come with Windows 10, and I have chosen Corbel for exactly that reason - it comes with Windows 10, so most users will have it already. It is a modern typeface with some neat "old fashioned" looks as well, especially in the numbers and it support a fair number of languages.

The Anejo template has tre paragraph levels beside the title level and three table styles and a couple of object styles. This is not a super fancy template, but it will work fine for most industrial products and most software user guides as well. I have put some care into making it work with HTML5.

STS file for PDF and HTML5

We bundle the template with an STS file, which will allow you to publish to PDF and HTML5. The HTML5 design resembles the PDF design in look and feel.

This is a link to the HTML5 version of the "Anejo template":



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