User Instructions
Design and layout of user instructions
Assembly Instructions
We help you put together assembly instructions
User Guides
Editing, design and layout of User Guides
Templates for Adobe FrameMaker
We design professional templates for Adobe FrameMaker

Do you also need a solid and efficient solution for your graphic design & technical documentation? is a specialist in the design, layout and development of technical documentation and reference books. However, we also work with more traditional graphic design such as flyers, advertisements, various marketing materials and texts.

  • Operators manuals
  • User Guides
  • Instructions
  • Manuals
  • Typesetting and layout of textbooks/professional literature/magazines

We also offer training and consultancy/advisory services on Adobe FrameMaker and FrameMaker-based solutions.

We have Adobe TechComm Partner status and participate as part of Adobe's beta testing team for Adobe FrameMaker.

We are also an Adobe supplier and have developed templates for Adobe, as well as running the international conferences "Adobe TechComm Days" in Copenhagen.


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Template pack for publishing your book to epub, HTML5 and print ready pdf

New pack of three industry standard book templates

We have made a brand new template pack which will allow you to create and design your own book to be distributed as pdf, epub or HTML5. AND we have made the template pack support the three major industry standard book sizes, Pocketbook, Digest and US Trade!

Previews of the pdf versions can be found here:




Adobe FrameMaker training

Adobe FrameMaker is a great piece of software that robustly and effectively helps a lot of businesses with their publishing needs - whether it's technical documentation, catalogues, book sets or something else entirely.

Graphic design of technical documentation

We have many years of experience working with the special discipline of designing technical documentation.

User manuals, user guides, instruction books, etc. It sounds like the same thing, but in practice there is often a big difference.


Adobe Framemaker 2022 Review

Should you upgrade to FrameMaker 2022?

Yes! Yes, you should upgrade to FrameMaker 2022, because it is reliable and you do need the latest revisions. FrameMaker relies on your operating system, other programs and other file formats and in order to make things work, you need to keep up with the times. And on a more personal level - you need to keep your resume up to date.   

... and here comes the actual Adobe FrameMaker 2022 review!   

Adobe shows great caution when it comes to updating and modernizing