Quiote FrameMaker Template outputs

Designing for multiple outputs

Use the design option of Publish to create beautiful output deisgns for Adobe FrameMaker templates

Adobe FrameMaker comes with an option to publish your documents to mulitiple outputs like pdf/html5, epub and chm. The design of these outputs can be highly customized. Here we show you how the output designs of our Quiote Template look.

HTML5 version

PDF version

Sample PDF version


Hijuelos template

Update of Hijuelos template

The Hijuelos framemaker template is by far one our most popular templates.

It is a template meant to bring into framemaker the joy of quickly starting to write and get work done.

While FrameMaker IS a wonderful tool, creating a new blank document will not give you much inspiration for writing, as it comes with next to no formatting options.

This is where the Hijuelos template comes to the impatient writers rescue!

How to do Content Marketing for small Webshops with Adobe FrameMaker [3/3]

Part 1 Part 2 - Part 3

Welcome to the third part of three, of my Business Case: "Content Marketing for Webshops with Adobe FrameMaker".

Content Marketing is mostly about using the Internet and its all dominant search engine, Google, for pushing your marketing message. We mostly use the term "search engine" about Google, but Google is also a publishing engine. Searching

EU law Right to Repair

EU passes Right to Repair into law

Good news for the technical writers and communicators all over the world! The EU is going ahead with "Rights to repair" with the new regulations on ecodesign that took effect on 1 March 2021.

"Horno" - intro to a free Adobe FrameMaker paperback template

"Horno" is the name of this small, free Adobe FrameMaker template which will help you generate an ebook in the epub file format

The "Horno" FrameMaker template is meant for quickly and elegantly creating a fiction ebook. We have based the example ebook on famous feminist novel "The Yellow Wallpaper". It will make your blood run cold!

We have even included a settings file which makes things much easier for you.

You may download the template here!

Graphic design for DITA

The road to graphic design for DITA

I work as a self employed industrial graphic designer. Meaning I am the one who has to figure out what skills I have to keep up-to-date and what new stuff I have to learn.

The world changes. All the time. New technologies arrive, other disappear or become redundant. 

When you are the only one to pay for your education, you learn to prioritize. I have found that it is worth it every two years to take a step backward and try to see the need for skills in a broader perspective. Doing that helps you focus on what skills are more important than others.

Adobe TechComm Day Denmark

Adobe TechComm Day Denmark is nordic/north european Adobe event, with a focus on everything Adobe TechComm.

Adobe FrameMaker 2020 Review. Adobe delivers on promises!

The long awaited FrameMaker 2020 is finally available! Adobe has just released it. Adobe FrameMaker is also a component of Adobe Technical Communication Suite which features FrameMaker, RoboHelp, Captivate and Presenter. FrameMaker 2020 is looking good, and here at FrameMaker.dk we have spent a bit of time making a review...

Adobe FrameMaker 2017 Review. A MAJOR FrameMaker upgrade!

I have used FrameMaker since version 5 when the first Windows version became available for Win95. FrameMaker has always been a solid workhorse, and Adobe has taken a - some would say very - conservative attitude towards updating the software. But Adobe FrameMaker 2017 is certainly off to a good start with an absolutely MAJOR upgrade!

3 reasons why Technical Writing has become the worlds most important and influential job!

1: Google is a Global User Manual for the worlds products!

So… your lawn mower makes a strange sound and won't start…

  • Do you go back to your shed and find the printed manual for the mower? No, you threw it out of course! 
  • Do you go to the manufacturers website and download the manual? No, of course not! Would take hours to find that silly stuff!!
  • Do you ask Google? Of course you do! And Google presents you with a nice little 3 point snippet User Manual in the top of the search results: 1: turn button 2: move lever 3: etc. '

Did Google write that text? No - a Technical Writer did!

Adobe FrameMaker 2019 Review. Should you upgrade?

Adobe sent Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2019 to the market in September 2019. The product will probably be upgraded again in a year’s time, and is it worth upgrading to FrameMaker 2019 now?

Yes, it’s a good idea to upgrade to FrameMaker 2019, and here are the reasons:

FrameMaker is definitely the key product of Technical Communication Suite. The package’s other products, RoboHelp and Captivate do not have the same amount of users and are more specialised products. The two heavy reasons for upgrading are 64 bit and PDF.

How to do Content Marketing for small Webshops with Adobe FrameMaker [1/3]

Part 1 -  Part 2Part 3

When the idea first had taken root in my mind, I couldn't get it out of my head. Tequila. Tequila and Adobe FrameMaker…

FrameMaker Users Denmark

FrameMaker Users Denmark

FrameMaker Users Denmark er en realitet!

I 90'erne havde vi en ret stor dansk FrameMaker brugergruppe, som desværre lukkede fordi personerne og virksomhederne bag, ikke længere magtede at køre gruppen. Den 16. november stiftede vi en ny FrameMaker brugergruppe, "FrameMaker Users Denmark" i Industriparken 23, Ballerup.

The FrameMaker Template System

The FrameMaker Template System is a setup where you can separate the writing process from the layout and formatting process.

This is how it works

How to do Content Marketing for small Webshops with Adobe FrameMaker [2/3]

Part 1 -  Part 2 - Part 3

Welcome to the second part of three, of my business case: "Content Marketing for Webshops with Adobe FrameMaker".

As short note on the background for this project. I work professionally as a graphic designer on a daily basis with Adobe FrameMaker. And have done so since 1995. FrameMaker is a great, creative and versatile tool and an ideal choice for working with Content Marketing.