Adobe TechComm Day Denmark

Adobe TechComm Day Denmark is nordic/north european Adobe event, with a focus on everything Adobe TechComm.

What is Adobe TechComm?...

Der er imidlertid også et marked for teknisk kommunikation. Hvis du er bekendt med det, arbejder du sikkert med brugsanvisninger, manualer, hjælpefilssystemer, chatrobotter, osv.

If you are working professionally with marketing communication, you will be aware of Adobe tools, like Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Acrobat etc.

There is however, also a professional market for technical communication. If you are working in that area, you are probably working with user manuals, help file systems, chat robots etc.

It is a large and exciting market, and a market which has a huge amount of technology convergence in these years.

What is Adobe TecComm Day Denmark?

Adobe TechComm Day Denmark is a nordic/north european Adobe event, where Adobe demonstrates all that is new within the area. We have presentations from nordic companies who deliver solutions using Adobe software solutions. The event is always in September and we have held 3 events, with a fourth coming up in September 2020. The event is a major industry succes with visitors coming as far away as from Ukraine.

If you are not familiar with Adobe Technical Communication Suite, you can read about it here!

Adobe Technical Communication Suite holds these programs:

  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Adobe Presenter


Adobe TechComm Day Denmark 2019 was a great succes!!

On the 24th of September we opened the doors for Adobe TechComm Day Denmark 2019 on Hotel Sluseholmen in Copenhagen. This years event was the third time it was held and with some 100 attendees registered and 80 managing to come, it was very successfull. Boasting an agenda with lots of good  presentations on DITA, Adobe Experience Manager, FrameMaker, TechDoc workflows etc, there was good inspiration for who showed up. And people came from near and far. We had guests coming in from Ukraine, Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany and, of course, a lot of people from Denmark.

A new Adobe TechComm Day Denmark 2020 is already in the making, so keep a lookout for the invitations.