EU proposal Right to Repair

EU passes Right to Repair into law

Good news for the technical writers and communicators all over the world! The EU is going ahead with "Rights to repair" with the new regulations on ecodesign that took effect on 1 March 2021.

Manufacturers or importers will now be obliged to make a range of essential parts (motors and motor brushes, pumps, shock absorbers and springs, washing drums, etc.) available to professional repairers for at least 7-10 years.

For end-users, too (i.e. consumers who are not professional repairers, but like to repair things themselves), manufacturers must make certain spare parts available for several years after a product is taken off the market - products such as doors or hinges and seals, which are suitable for DIY. The max. delivery time for these pieces is 15 working days after ordering.

The "right to repair" is in the resolution of European Parliament adopted in November 2020. Read more it here:

This is a BIG deal, because it means that a LOT of products now needs to have documentation, describing how to repair them.
Further details on ecodesign can be found here: