Hijuelos template

Update of Hijuelos template

The Hijuelos framemaker template is by far one our most popular templates.

It is a template meant to bring into framemaker the joy of quickly starting to write and get work done.

While FrameMaker IS a wonderful tool, creating a new blank document will not give you much inspiration for writing, as it comes with next to no formatting options.

This is where the Hijuelos template comes to the impatient writers rescue!

Where FrameMakers standard document, typography wise is stuck in the settings of 1995, the Hijuelos template comes with modern type settings and a fine variety of heading styles.

We know, that a large number of tech writers prefer to do their writing in Microsoft Word.

Knowing this we have designed the Hijuelos template to be able to map all word styles 1:1 in FrameMaker. This makes it super easy to import into FrameMaker writing which has been done in Word.

We have listened to feedback and requests we have recived from the first release of the Hijuelos template.

So what can you do with the Hijuelos FrameMaker template?

The overall design of the template is meant to make it easy and efficient to immediately start writing

  • We have styles for body text
  • for multilevel bullet text