The FrameMaker Template System

The FrameMaker Template System is a setup where you can separate the writing process from the layout and formatting process.

This is how it works

1: You write, proofread and approve your manuscript in an instance of a dedicated FrameMaker TechWriter template. We have created five versions in different color scales you can see here.

2:  When the manuscript is reviewed and approved it is easy to apply one of the beautiful and appealing FrameMaker templates which are compatible with The FrameMaker Template System. See some examples here

How do I apply a template which subscribes to the FrameMaker Template System?

It is really easy to apply a template which has been designed for the FrameMaker Template System.

1: When you have downloaded the template and put it in the right folder (See instructions here), you open the files.

2: Head over to your manuscript

3: Click File -> Import -> Formats -> Select all Formats and click "Import"

Benefits of the TechWriters Template

The TechWriters Template is an Adobe FrameMaker template meant and designed for writing and writing only. It is meant for writing manuscripts with an absolute focus on content rather than layout.

The TechWriters Template also forms the basis - the manuscript template -  of the FrameMaker Template System.


Compatability with Microsoft Word

The paragraph styles of the TechWriters Template have the same names as those of a standard Word file making roundtripping with Word much easier. It’s easy to import Word files and it’s easy to export to Word files.

Microsoft Word, which is commonly used among tech writers, comes with 10 predefined paragraph formats and a very easy interface for quickly creating well looking documents. There are excellent options for importing Word documents into FrameMaker and if you use the Hijuelos template, it is also possible to map all the 10 predefined heading styles and other styles to equivalent styles in the Hijuelos template.

Object styles to with standard frame sizes

The Hijuelos Writing Template comes with three object styles which will help the user quickly insert anchored frames for graphics. There are three sizes. Quarter, half and full which will create an anchored frame a quarter of the size of the column, half the size of the column and a full column size.

Note styles for technical documents

A very common content element in technical document is note styles. These come in four variations: Warning, Caution,  Danger and Note. The Hijuelos Writing Template comes with discreet and elegant styles for these notes which are easy to apply and won’t break your writing workflow.

No numbered headings

Numbered heading levels are a cultural thing. Some people prefer heavy and deeply numbered document designs with numbering for all heading levels, figures and tables and some prefer to navigate the documents based on visual cues, like color, size of text, text decoration etc.
This version of the Hijuelos Writing template is designed without numbering beyond numbering of paragraphs. That makes writing easier and heightens the focus on content rather than a percieved logic shown with numbers.  

Multiple bullet levels

Bullets (or unordered lists) are a very common feature in most technical documents. The Hijuelos Writing Template comes with two different stylings for bulleted lists and predefined tab stops. This makes writing so much quicker and easier and secures a clean and easyli read manuscript.

Paragraph numbers

While we don’t have numbered headings in this version of the Hijuelos Writing Template, we do have numbered paragraphs. The two styles are using a robust numbering system which makes it easy to start and restart numbering at will.

Table styles

Tables can be very complex matters to work with, and it is impossible to have table styles which will cover every situation. We have created a selection of standard styles which will work for you in most circustances.