Adobe FrameMaker 2017 Review. A MAJOR FrameMaker upgrade!

I have used FrameMaker since version 5 when the first Windows version became available for Win95. FrameMaker has always been a solid workhorse, and Adobe has taken a - some would say very - conservative attitude towards updating the software. But Adobe FrameMaker 2017 is certainly off to a good start with an absolutely MAJOR upgrade!

Adobe FrameMaker 2019 Review. Should you upgrade?

Adobe sent Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2019 to the market in September 2019. The product will probably be upgraded again in a year’s time, and is it worth upgrading to FrameMaker 2019 now?

Yes, it’s a good idea to upgrade to FrameMaker 2019, and here are the reasons:

FrameMaker is definitely the key product of Technical Communication Suite. The package’s other products, RoboHelp and Captivate do not have the same amount of users and are more specialised products. The two heavy reasons for upgrading are 64 bit and PDF.


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