Brush up your Adobe FrameMaker skills!

Adobe FrameMaker is evolving rapidly, and what is evolving EVEN more rapidly, is the way customers expect to be able to access technical content.

Younger generations are practically born with a mobile phone in their hands, and they don't like it - at all - if they have to have to find a pdf on a company server somewhere, where even Google can't find it.

The entire landscape of technical content is changing, and it is of vital importance, that companies who rely on being able to communicate the intricacies of their products, in order to ensure customer satisfaction, realize this.

It IS worth it, to spend a little time getting up-to-date on what is new in Adobe FrameMaker! offers a two hour presentation of all things new and good in FrameMaker.

Practical info


2 hours presentation on projector.

Time frames may be arranged per agreement.

Location: At the companys workplace or at our place. Number of participants We recommend a maximum of 4 participants.


3.950,- DKK ex VAT. [About 530,- Euro]

Bjørn Smalbro - FrameMaker trainer

Bjørn Smalbro has taught Adobe FrameMaker since 1995. He has experience in working with Adobe FrameMaker since version 5 and all the way up to FrameMaker 2019. Individual arrangements may be made.

Please contact Bjørn for a quote at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mobile phone: +45 20 96 09 19


Graphic design and development in Adobe Technical Communication Suite
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