Good plugins/Utilities for Adobe FrameMaker

The FrameMaker eco system

Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and a other mainstream layout and dtp applications have a vast eco system. There are literally millions of premade InDesign templates, Illustrator stock drawings etc to be found in the vast stock databases. Not so when it comes to the users of Adobe FrameMaker, RoboHelp and Captivate. The user of the Adobe TechComm products have a rather small selection of service providers to choose from and an ever smaller selection of add ons like scripts, stock etc. Especially the lack of creative content is probably a big hindrance for attracting new users.

The Adobe TechComm Partner portal.

Here you can find companies working with Adobe TechComm. The search function on the site is not superduper, but it is there.

The Adobe FrameMaker support community

Adobes latest Adobe Technical Communicatin webinars

Rick Quatro of writes scripts which can help you do all sorts of useful stuff in FrameMaker, like cleaning up all tables or write out the entire list of pargraph styles. His "Archive" script which can archive an entire publication is wonderful!

Klaus Daube

There may be people who know more about FrameMaker than Klaus Daube, but I rather doubt it. His Compendium on all things FrameMaker is excellent and will answer lots of intricate questions. He is also the developer of scripts and plugins, like the improved toolbar

Here you can find the Compendium and lots of other nice scripts!

TechComm Tools

Matt Sullivan is the author of a great number of books on FrameMaker. They are indispensable reference works and he also

Silicon Prairie Software

Siliconprairiesoftware develops small useful plugins for FrameMaker. Lots of goodies!


Leximation develops plugins and are - as far as I know - the only ones to do plugins for structured FrameMaker

Westreet Consulting

Weststreet Consulting develops plugins. Some are superspecific and very useful like the Xref wizard which will help you fix broken cross references.

is Bjørn Smalbro and the worlds only shop for FrameMaker templates. I do all sorts of technical documentation/design consulting.

Rocky Mountain Training

Rocky Mountain Training and Barb Binder. She does training in FrameMaker, InDesign and lots of other programs. Here you may also find a truly big blog with lots and lots of useful FrameMaker tips and solutions!


4xScripts creates add-ons for the efficient handling of Adobe FrameMaker. They work with modularization and publication concepts as well as media-oriented implementation. Programming of individual FrameMaker scripts, development and licensing of FrameMaker+XML applications. Consulting, training and support for both the competent and the individual.