Training in Adobe FrameMaker

Adobe FrameMaker is a great piece of software that robustly and effectively helps a lot of businesses with their publishing needs - whether it's technical documentation, catalogues, book sets or something else entirely.

However, Adobe FrameMaker is also quite a difficult program with an incredible number of features. FrameMaker's scale and somewhat alien interface means that the people who can handle it are far and few between.

Independent, tailor-made training

Do you or your company need training in Adobe FrameMaker? We can offer bespoke courses in at introductory level or extended.

Introductory FrameMaker training

Introductury Adobe FrameMaker training

We shall get aquainted with FrameMaker interface and learn to create new documents. If possible, we shall learn to solve the tasks that the student is confronted with at her/his job.

The course is tailored for writers, translators and people who have the task of maintaining and updating technical documentation.

The student will learn to understand the basic functionality of FrameMaker and be able to handle an

Advanced FrameMaker training

Advanced Adobe FrameMaker training

We build our training program on already existing documents and templates.

Our goal is to help the student understand how documents are created from the bottom up and how to edit and maintain them.

Our traing is mostly focused on employes, who are to be integrated in a companys work

Adobe FrameMaker troubleshooting

Adobe FrameMaker is a big program, and even though it is both solid and stable, you as a user sometimes encounter problems.
It could be:

  • That the document will not print to pdf,
  • That the pdf file gets too big,
  • That fonts change,
  • That graphics won't scale right


Graphic design and development in Adobe Technical Communication Suite
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