Introductory FrameMaker training

Introductury Adobe FrameMaker training

We shall get aquainted with FrameMaker interface and learn to create new documents. If possible, we shall learn to solve the tasks that the student is confronted with at her/his job.

The course is tailored for writers, translators and people who have the task of maintaining and updating technical documentation.

The student will learn to understand the basic functionality of FrameMaker and be able to handle an

existing amount of FrameMaker documents. We shall focus on the development of a good practice when it comes to the handling of daily tasks.

The student will learn about:

  • FrameMakers interface
  • How to create new documents
  • The concept of tagging. Meaning the use of paragraph, character, table and object styles
  • Importing graphics and the use of FrameMakers drawing tools
  • Body/Master/Reference pages
  • Book files and generation of Table of Contents and Index
  • Cross references and user variables
  • Print to pdf

Practical info


1 day intensive training in the period 9-16. Other periods or durations can be arranged on a day to day basis.


At the companys location or by web conference

Number of participants

We recommend a maximum number of 4.


8.500,- DKK ex VAT. [About 1.140 Euro]

Bjørn Smalbro - FrameMaker trainer

Bjørn Smalbro has taught Adobe FrameMaker since 1995. He has experience in working with Adobe FrameMaker since version 5 and all the way up to FrameMaker 2019. Individual arrangements may be made.

Please contact Bjørn for a quote at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mobile phone: +45 20 96 09 19