App development with Adobe FrameMaker

You can publish your manuals and user instruction guides as apps, which can be downloaded to the customers mobile phone or tablet.

There a lot of advantages utilizing this approach over pdf and print.

  • The app is responsive. Meaning you don't have to pan in it like in a pdf.
  • You can have an index and a glossary, making it possible to work with metalayers of information.
  • You can embed video and sound.
  • You can embed options for buying directly in the app.
  • You can link to catalogues of spare parts and consumables.
  • You can take the manual along with you in the field and access it whereever you are.
  • The company gets a much improved track of their customers and can do aftersales. Also it is possible to track what parts of the manual has been used.

Adobe FrameMaker enables you to work with your information in a single sourcing manner. Meaning that the same manual can be published as a pdf for for the companys server and as a deliverable to the customer. It can, however also be published as an app and become part of the Google / Apple app ecosystem

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