Design and development of Adobe FrameMaker templates

Design og udvikling af FrameMaker templatesAdobe FrameMaker template design

All work in Adobe FrameMaker is based on the use of templates. A template is basically a collection of settings, which enables the user to work with a coherent graphic design. A template makes sure that your headings, subheadings and bulleted lists always look consistent, that your numbered paragraps are counting correctly and that your tables always have the same design. If you have to manually adjust formatting of a heading once every day, that is time which quickly turns into a lot of time spent. And not time spent well, unfortunately.

Optimize your template and save money!

Working with a comprehensive and effective Adobe FrameMaker template may give you some really big advantages like:

Choice of type:

If your companys documentation is to be translated or localised, the right choice of type is of utmost importance. Adobe FrameMaker is unicode compliant and by choosing a good and Unicode compliant font for your work, you will have saved yourself for a lot of trouble. Not all fonts support alle characters across languages. This means, that by translating your english text into russian or czech, you may experience that characters go missing or look strange. Taking these issues into consideration when the template is made, is of big importance.

Use of space:

If the templates choice of font size, line spacing and column settings is optimized there is a lot of good user experience to be gained. But not merely in terms of legibility - thinking ahead to alternative deliverables like HTML5 and Apps are important decisions to ponder, when the original template is being created.

Images, tables and equations:

Man vil ofte genbruge grafikker mere end et sted i en publikation. Hvis man gennemtænker brugen af reference pages kan her spare sig selv for rigtigt mange frustrationer. Det samme gælder tabeller og formler hvor man vil ønske sig konsistens på tværs af dokumenter.

Adobe FrameMaker comes with the abilty to tag images and graphic frames. Using these Object styles with a bit of thought, makes the overall layout process much easier and much quicker. The same goes for using table styles and clever use of Character Styles


Integrating User Variables and In-built FrameMaker variables in conjuction with an organic and effective Adobe FrameMaker template, may make your documentation work like a small piece of machinery, where the graphic design of your material constantly updates and looks good when you edit it.

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