Your in-house FrameMaker expert

You can hire to come and work in your company one day a week on a regular basis. I can help you with all sorts of Adobe FrameMaker/Robohelp and graphic design related work.

When and How?

I can come any day of the week, and work at your place an entire day. I have my own equipment and my own software. The only thing I need is a desk and a chair.

So... what do you gain from the arrangement?

By working at your place on a regular basis, I can help you with larger tasks like updating manuals, product sheet or drawings. Or I can help you get up-to-date with the new versions of Adobe FrameMaker. I can also help you with graphic designs job or long term projects like publishing to HTML5 or app.

I am an Adobe TechComm Partner.

How much is it?

The price is 5.000 DKK exl. VAT per day

What's included in the price?

~ 7,5 hours of work

~ My own equipment/software and a monitor

~ Driving in Copenhagen. Outside of Copenhagen per State rates.



Graphic design and development in Adobe Technical Communication Suite
V. Bjørn Smalbro

Industriparken 23
2750 Ballerup
Phone: 20 96 09 19