Technical Documentation

Technical documentation and technical communication - difficult but a necessity

Technical documentation, manuals, datasheets, quick setups etc... The world of technical documentation holds many formats, sizes and models, but they all have that in common, that a lot of it is made with FrameMaker or RoboHelp. It is increasingly also true that it is absolutely vital that the information is accessible from a websearch.

Technical documentation needs to be visible on the internet

More and more companies are not making print versions of their documentation, which is why it becomes increasingly important for them to make the documentation available to their customers in different ways. Most are providing pdf files, either as downloads or supplied on a usb stick. What is essential though, is that the technical documentation needs to be available for the customer, but it also needs to be usable and available for the companys content marketing efforts. The content marketing approach underlines the need for a professional setup based single source publishing as can be done using FrameMaker or RoboHelp.

Publishing for print and net with the same template and the same software

At we can help you design, translate and manage your technical documentation in the fastest and most efficient fashion. We can help you set up your workflow, so you are able to publish manuals and user guides etc for both print and web from the same platform. Call us or write us for a quote or a chat!





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