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Anejo II A4 FrameMaker Template

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A4 - Portrait
2 columns
Version 2022 (17), Version 2020 (16)
BMP files, EPS files, Illustrator files (AI), JPEG files, PhotoShop PSD, PNG files, SVG files, TIF files, WEBP files
Settings for PDF, Settings for HTML5
Unstructured FrameMaker
Live HTML5 version of the Anejo II template
Live pdf version showing the template documents with all styles etc
Sample HTML5 version
Live pdf version of sample manual
    • 5 numbered Header levels
    • 5 note styles
    • 5 level of bulllet styles
    • 5 levels of numbering styles - alphabetical, numerical and roman
    • 19 cross reference formats
    • Color scale
    • Object styles for frames
    • 13 table styles
    • TOC template
    • List of Tables template
    • List of Figures template
    • Index template
    • Appendix template
    • Front cover which will work for both print & HTML5
    • Source graphics for everything vital
    • + sample manual

    And a very detailed and well designed HTML publishing template included in the settings file!

    Anejo II

    Anejo II is an upgraded and modernized version of the original "Anejo" template. The original Anejo template has been a great success. It has become popular for adding a bit of color and style to technical documenation, but it does come with some limitations in depth of structure. Which is why we have designed the "Anejo II" which a VERY extensive template that certainly will suit most needs.

    We have made it possible to choose from a great variety of tables and made an exhaustive selection of cross reference formats which will cover every thinkable constellation.

    HTML5 publishing

    FrameMaker offers the option to publish directly to both PDF/print and HTML5. This is done by using a settings file. We have customized the settingsfile and allowed for publishing your manual to HTML5 while retaining the look and feel of your printed graphic design.

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Great template! Everything works! Well structured too!
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Really beautiful html5 export. And thanks for your kind help!

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