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Extra Anejo US Letter - Add on Designs


The Extra Anejo Template is a very extensive template which supports very complex and long documents. We have tried to envision most formatting scenarios in long technical documents and we have extensively tested the preset and design for publishing to Print/Pdf and HTML5.

This FrameMaker template comes with:

  • 4 numbered Header levels
  • 1 dynamic dropdown level meant for use with HTML5
  • 5 note styles
  • 5 level of bulllet styles
  • 5 levels of numbering styles - alphabetical, numerical and roman
  • 19 cross reference formats
  • Color scale
  • Object styles for frames
  • 13 table styles
  • TOC template
  • List of Tables template
  • List of Figures template
  • Index template
  • Appendix template
  • Front cover which will work for both print & HTML5
  • Source graphics for everything vital
  • + sample manual
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