Template Design for Adobe FrameMaker

We are specialists in graphic design and template development for Adobe FrameMaker and have been working in the field since 2000. We are also the world's only provider of commercial templates for FrameMaker from The FrameMaker Template Shop.

Template development for Adobe FrameMaker

FrameMaker is used for many different tasks worldwide, but the tasks are typically of a "long document publishing" nature.

That is, publications of 200 pages and more, often in several languages and variants. This is where FrameMaker shows its strength and where the focus is on a professional template. Long documents with many cross-references, large keywords, footnotes etc. must be able to be processed quickly and therefore templates must focus on clarity and structure.

We collaborate with Adobe on the development of templates that are part of the Adobe FrameMaker package and have also developed templates for many other companies such as BK Medical, Alfa Laval and others.